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Daryl Gregory’s Recent Book Signing

Last week I had the pleasure of driving to Lexington, Kentucky to have dinner and attend a book reading/signing with my friend Daryl Gregory. I first met Daryl back in 2009 at Readercon in Boston where he was a nominee for the Shirley Jackson award for his fantastic debut novel PANDEMONIUM. Since then, Daryl’s been a mentor of sorts, being a first reader, giving professional advice, and sometimes just emailing to check in. He’s a great guy and a great writer who deserves to break out. His novel RAISING STONY MAYHALL is still one of my favorite novels of the last five years, and his most recent novel, HARRISON SQUARED, was released last month. Harrison Squared is half-YA / half-crossover, half-Lovecraft / half-King, and half-hilarious / half-terrifying. (And yes, that’s 6 halves, I get that.) It’s a great novel that hopefully breaks him out. And then, after you love that book, you can read it’s complement, WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE, set twenty years or so after the events of H2 when Harrison is in group therapy. It’s excellent, too.

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